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I stayed at one of the beachside holiday villas at Nongsapura when I was here. What I loved about it was simply doing absolutely nothing. Just laze the day away on the sundeck, eating the local passion fruit, watching the local fisherman, and eating fresh seafood for dinner.
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Batam Travel Safety Tips

Stay safe even as you holiday in Batam with these useful tips.
  • Don’t flash your expensive jewellery or watches around. It encourages snatch thefts.
  • Do check that hotel or guestroom doors and windows are secure before you stay there.
  • Do keep your valuables in the hotel’s safe deposit box.
  • Do shout for help if you get mugged. Don’t struggle with the thief. 
  • When changing money, do be careful.  Count your money again before you leave the counter.
  • Except if you are at the beach, do make sure your clothes cover up legs and shoulders.
  • Do carry a photocopy of your passport ID pages and entry / departure card in case you are stopped by police.
  • Do use a money belt to carry your cash. 
  • Do stick as far as possible, to hotel taxis, or recommended drivers.
  • Don’t reveal too much of where you are staying or your travel plans to any locals or strangers.
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